Pedro Peña

Pedro’s career began with an early vocation for artistic creation. His pictorial production was soon enriched thanks to his stay in Madrid of the ’70s, where he immersed himself in prominent creative circles of the city. In these years he joins the most important movements that flow through the international artistic scene.

Madrid – Marbella

In 1976 he settled in Marbella, which was in the midst of its budding first tourist boom and raises his profile to become a leading reference in the international panorama. This Mediterranean city managed to draw attention worldwide. Networks created thanks to the arrival of VIPs from all over the map established Marbella as a place for a balanced confluence of styles and identities.

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Our interior design firm, Pedro Peña, has been recognised for its attention to detail and essence, creating a legacy that spans over forty years of work. Our corporate philosophy was built as a way of understanding modern Mediterranean culture.

In each project we serve the particular needs derived from the client-space relationship, which mutually demands solutions that we solve with material gestures and objects of excellence. Just like in the creation of a pictorial composition, we take all possible designs as a palette of colours as if painting a landscape.

Our Philosophy